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The vision of Taiwan People’s Food Bank Association
1) Long term goal: Establish direct partnership with farmers and logistic industries, develop material management and home delivery and establishment of love kitchen to provide food for the poor children and elderly who are staying alone.
2) Current situation: Taiwan is not lacking in food resources, but too many resources cannot be evenly distributed. There is a lack of ways to pass the resources to those who are in difficulties or in need. When a person has too much food resources, it was always lost.
3) Solution: develop a stable strategy to channel the wasted food so that the vision of resources optimization could be achieved.

The Humanistic Buddhism practice:
Vow from the Medicine Buddha: “May all beings free from hunger, may all beings free from sufferings.” Bodhicitta, great compassion and wisdom are the foundation in Bodhisattva-carya. The bodhisattva resolves to perform altruistic practices and purify the mind and body progressively. The humanistic Buddhism cannot ignore the needs of the human life. However, humans’ desires are endless; too much dissatisfied greed will cause disappointment. Thus, humanistic Buddhism advocates “having few desires bring riches without worry”.

(a) taking “food bank” as an example, collecting materials from merchandisers, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and even individuals, and rescuing edible materials that are about to be discarded, and then storing them properly. Lastly redistribute to those in need.

(b) Buddhist monasteries, lay groups and individuals can respond to the “food bank” by sharing food and love, help the poor, reduce food waste, and build a network to fight hunger.
(c) Build a world with five qualities: happy, harmony family, mutual respect, harmony society and peaceful world.


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