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【第四届世界佛教居士论坛】彩照分享 【The 4th World Buddhist Kulapati Forum】 Photo Appreciation

古晋佛教居士林将逐步上载彩照: All photos will progressively upload to Kuching Buddhist Society Website.

欢迎宴:【点击链接】 Welcoming Dinner Photo Link
欢迎宴歌舞篇:【点击链接】KBS Cultural & Dance Section Photo Link
青少年团义工篇:【点击链接】 KBS Youth & Teenager Section Photo Link
书画雅集篇才 【点击链接】Calligraphy and Art Presentation at Buddhist Village
觉对动听全国佛曲谱曲大赛颁奖典礼【点击链接】Buddhist Hymn Composition Contest Award Photo Link
会场与主讲人篇:【点击链接】Photograph for Speaker and Venue



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