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Tag Archives: 現代“空行母”: 活躍於網路世界中的佛教善女人

  • 現代“空行母”: 活躍於網路世界中的佛教善女人

    Sakyadhita 國際佛教善女人協會成立於1987年,當年第一次在印度菩提伽耶的大會是靠著三個傑出佛教女性修行人透過 ”龜速時代” 的越洋書信往返來成就圓滿的。而此後每兩年的大會則是靠著現代科技以“網速”前進。例如,最近這次在澳洲雪梨藍山聚集了來自30個國家800多個修行人的第十六屆善女人大會,完全是拜現代科技所賜:即頻繁的電子郵件往來,定期性的網絡視訊,同時還有網站,臉書,部落格的訊息分享與交流等。現代佛教女性善巧應用科技所提供的所有一切方便,逐漸在千年來缺乏各種資源和支持的環境中得以結合眾緣,利益衆生,續佛慧命。本文介紹Sakyadhita 國際佛教善女人協會及其成員們這三十多年來如何運用現代科技活躍於網路世界及國際佛教社群中,成爲不折不扣的現代“空行母”。

    Founded in 1987, the first Sakyadhita conference that took place in Bodhgaya, India, was made possible by the “snail mail” correspondences among three outstand Buddhist women, whereas its subsequent gatherings managed to sustain all thanks to modern technology. For example, the most recent 16th Sakyadhita conference in Australia, which gathered over 800 participants practicing in all Buddhist schools from 30 countries in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, was made possible almost entirely by email correspondences with periodical cyberspace meetings, and of course the frequent posts as well as exchanges on the official websites, facebook fanspages, and blogs. Buddhist women have been taking lead in organizing grand-scale physical meetings via virtual ones, continuing to thrive to benefit all sentient beings and sustain the precious Buddhist teachings using all skillful means in this modern world without being held back by lack of resources and support. This paper introduces Sakyadhita International Association of Buddhist women, the modern “Dakinis,” and their skillful use of all modern means and technology to become active members in the cyber space and international Buddhist community.