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Tag Archives: 智人、人工智能与正念

  • 智人、人工智能与正念

    After migrating out from Africa over 60,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens (modern human beings) have grown and populated in all the continents on Earth. Through the development of modern science and technology, human society has progressed and developed modern lifestyle not only in the physical world but also in cyberspace. Through education, human beings are able to transfer their knowledge to future generations in the Life 2.0 age, this is a skill beyond the Life 1.0 age where life is encoded in genes and transferred through generations by evolution. In the age of Life 3.0 in future, people will be expected to progress beyond education and transfer memory and knowledge to new brain of superhuman or AI robots as well as replacement of human organs with regenerated organs or biophysical organs. In the current 4th Industrial Revolution era, development of modern technologies and also artificial intelligence will further enhance this process. The emergence of intelligent robots in the near future can be a challenge to the existence of human beings. In this era of rapid technology development, modern research reveals that through meditation and mindfulness training, it is possible to regain focus and achieve calmness in the world bombarded with information and digital attractions. There is an increasing trend all over the world in promoting mindfulness and meditation among companies and communities, and this may be the best way in further developing human mind in facing the arrival and challenges of Life 3.0